Thursday, June 14, 2012

Plant a Money Tree

' Those who are not  stressed about money are those who  spend less than they make..'
              Where?   In your back yard  or on the firescape . Plant it where you live .
                        How?  1. Be realistic .  Check out where you  spend the most  with least return for your  money . For instance;  junk food , TV connections, expensive clothing , gas to go shopping ,etc .
                                          ELIMINATE THEM ! Saving money and stress.
                                   2. Budget to become debt free . There are many good blogs and books on the subject . Look them up . Uses your computer and or the library to educate yourself . Be your own consultant.  Your bright go for the freedom from debt. You are in control . No increase in income , than  cut on your wants. You don't need it right now , save for it, very rewarding  and  much more appreciated  .
                                  3. Work on long term planning with short term goals . Goal of saving $5.00 a week for instance. 
                         Next post will be some ideas on how to nourish your money tree .
                                     Till then , cheers.  

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