Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fertilize Your Money Tree.

Money Tree                                                                                                      Fertilize  your Money Tree
1. Be Aware of the places you are living above your  means , 4 Starbuck stops a week =$20.00 . A good  pot of coffee or  tea made at home  = $2.00 which equals 3 or 4  servings . what do you have a traveling mug  for.
       Here is a new concept , pack a lunch . yes , this is a whole new way to interact with your colleagues  or mother nature in a park , and save alot of bucks . Plus you know were the produce comes from ( hopefully  locally) .
 2. This is something I have learned studying simplicity ; One half of what you want is all you need .       This little saying will help save money, lose weight , be  healthier  and surprise ! even happier .  Wealth  isn't about  money .   It is about feeling good about yourself . Try it , you will  like it .      " 1/2 OF WHAT YOU WANT IS ALL YOU  NEED ."                      
  3. Here is another 1/ 2  concept it is ; half of the fun of planning is the planning.  You put together dreams and reality . Such as ;  I would  like a vacation to an exotic place ( dream ).  I save $100  for 12 months I  have $1200 ( reality) .  If  it doesn't work you  had the fun of planning. Also the experience of making a short term goal to a long term plan . Each time you try it the better you get . See you in that exotic place next year .
   Be aware when you are living beyond your means .

   Remember half of what you want is all you need .    These are some of the ways to fertilize your money tree. 
   If you can think of others , please share .     Cheers!

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