Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shedding To Simplify

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Simplicity directs you to the practice of finding joy and spirituality in ordinary daily life.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh  said  in Gift From The Sea, "One should lie empty, open, choiceless as the  beach, waiting for the gift from the sea."  She talks about the shedding of tangibles and intangibles, such as pride, vanity, wearing a mask and hypocrisy to name a few. We know about the tangibles: clothes, gadgets, shoes, furniture etc. But one that Anne mentioned  I never thought of, "I shed my Puritan conscience about absolute tidiness and cleanliness. Is it possible that too is a material burden?"

                Shedding is a great technique in the quest for simplicity . No gadgets to go wrong. No need for vanity, just be yourself. Shedding hypocrisy leads to freedom from lies. Shed possessions  so you are not possessed by them. Shed negative people thus decreasing stress. Our tendencies are distraction and dissapation; shed them.  You will gain focus and time to be creative. Shed the distractive, expensive addiction of mindless shopping.  See   "Bored? Don't go shopping" entry from 12-6-11.

                  Shed pounds, bad habits, preoccupation with what others think you should do and be.  I'm sure your creative mind can think of things appropriate for you to shed.  I suggest reading , or rereading,   Gift from the Sea.  Very inspiring!


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