Monday, February 20, 2012

Order is a Gift You Give Yourself

One of the alternatives to decluttering  is you trip over the clutter, break yor leg and someone else may declutters for you ." Oh, what happened to the old cigar boxs gramps  gave me  ten years ago? "  you ask. The accidental declutterer answers " I got rid of those ugly things."
  " ....Now we are grapping with shortage of resources; while we are living with garbage and clutter of "stuff" that we have to be encouraged to declutter and simplify ." Karen Lee .
    Our greed our misunderstood notion of well being has turn us into pack rats. Do you know the mammal (Nestoma crietidae)woodrats alias pack rats? They are nest builders but if they find something they want,they will drop the material for the nest they are carrying  and bring the shiny objects back to the nest instead. Thus they are over run  with stuff way beyond what is needed.
    We have become slaves to possesions . Eventually loving our bondage.
     Just like a smoker will say "cigarettes give me much pleasure," as they cough up brown blobs of sputum. This is true of all addictions. Defending the addiction , "shopping rewards  me for hard work," as the credit card debt mounts , the house fills up and you fill up with guilt.  The house looks over stuffed with stuff to the point you are unable to appreciate any of the things. What pleasure? What reward? You are enslaved.  Where is the peace of mind, the beauty, the health, the blessed well being?
    Declutter, break the addiction.  Set yourself free.
One way is get will power.
Two: Start loving yourself . Give yourself the gift of order !
Three: Use your creativity. Yes, you do have it .  Use it. Don't let others or advertising blind  you to your creative gifts. 
Four : Start slow , one step at a time. "Do it your own way" as Carl Jung advocates.

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