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12 Easy recipes for eating local and vegetarian in March

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Readers loved the collection of Kelly's recipes from February, highlighting dishes that are seasonal and vegetarian. I've been hard at work in the kitchen with The Cooking Project whipping up recipes from our archives and focusing on what to eat in March. Here are 12 recipes I recommend to try this month for eating local, vegetarian and within the season (or at least mostly in season, depending on your location, of course).

© Jaymi Heimbuch
Lentil salad with roasted vegetables and lemon-rosemary vinaigrette
From the recipe: "You could use any roasted vegetable you like in this recipe, and it would still be delicious. Roasted cauliflower, broccoli, red peppers, kale, even little new potatoes would all work perfectly well. If you are lucky enough to have asparagus now, use that."

© Jaymi Heimbuch
Simple and easy navy bean bread
From the recipe: "The process is very simple -- no intimidating steps or warnings that you'll ruin the whole thing if you don't knead properly or have it rising at the perfect temperature. Any newbie to breads can make this recipe successfully. Coming out of the oven, the bread had a thin, delicately crunchy crust, and the hot fluffy inside with its mild, yeasty flavor was pure heaven."

© Jaymi Heimbuch
Mini quiche with caramelized onions, mushrooms and feta cheese
From the recipe: "When I took the first bite of one of the quiches hot out of the oven, I was floored. I cooked the onions extra slowly -- for about 30 minutes -- so they caramelized and were incredibly sweet, a perfect counter to the salty feta for a boosted the flavor. The richness of it was surprising."

© Jaymi Heimbuch
Edamame salad with avocado and radishes
You might not be in a location where avocados can be found this early in the season. If so, leave the avocado out -- I promise you won't miss it with the other wonderful flavors.

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Fingerling potato salad with jalapeno-cilantro salsa
From the recipe: "It would still be delicious if you made it with parsley rather than cilantro. This dish is great picnic material. It's easy to make, it's really good at room temperature, and there is nothing in it to spoil if it's a hot day."

© Jaymi Heimbuch
Braised coconut spinach with chickpeas and lemon
From the recipe: "This was such a lovely combination of flavours and we all really enjoyed it. The addition of the sun-dried tomatoes added a bit of a surprise undertone to the dish that would have been different if you had used regular canned tomatoes."

Photo: Kelly Rossiter/CC BY 2.0
Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Aged Cheddar
From the recipe: "Roasting the vegetable first adds a bit to the cooking time, but the reward is worth the little bit of extra effort. This is a very filling soup, and if you add a bit of crusty bread and a green salad, you would have a nice, light supper."

Pasta with Swiss Chard and Mushrooms
From the recipe: "If you want a thicker sauce for this, you could add some tomato paste. I like the fresher flavour of just using the juice from the jar, but you might want something that sticks to the pasta a bit better. Leave out the Parmesan cheese and you have a vegan dish."

Broccoli Rabe, Potato and Rosemary Pizza
From the recipe: " You can also make this on flatbreads, which works really well for customizing."

© Jaymi Heimbuch
Vegan chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling
Strawberries are coming into season in some parts of the country, but if you're in a colder clime, try using strawberry preserves for the filling instead of making a sauce with fresh strawberries.

Photo: Emma Alter/CC BY 2.0
Brownie Batter Pancakes
From the recipe: "You could go the traditional buttermilk pancake route if you like, but this is a little recipe that my daughter tried and really enjoyed. It only makes enough for one person, so adjust the ingredients accordingly."

© Jaymi Heimbuch
Baked Apple Stuffed with Candied Ginger and Almonds
From the recipe: "I created this baked apple recipe for ease in preparation but mostly for the aroma. There's a reason real estate agents use the scent of apple pie to sell homes! It's so comforting and warm. And this simple, yet flavorful, recipe is bound to become a family favorite."

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