Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bored, Don't Go Shopping!

Find something to do that doen't involve money.
       INSTEAD:Play cards, a board games with freainds and family. A new board game ,called 'Settlers of Catan' and 'Ticket to Ride ' are quite interesting.
        INSTEAD :Read or re read to yourself or someone else or a group . Disscus as you go along.
       INSTEAD :Thorughly clean /declutter a room or the garage . ( Oh, you are so lucky to have a home).
        INSTEAD: Make  a pantry meal or Use It Up recipe
        INSTEAD: Make simple homemade gifts.

  • Ideas for handmade gifts
Small knitteds - gloves, scarves, hot water bottle covers, hats, tea cosies, phone covers, little toys,,cushion covers, bags. Some of these can be felted/fulled for extra interest.
Edibles - chutneys and jams, pickles, nice teas in a vintage/retro tin, sweeties, toffees, mustard, home made wine and liqueurs, home dried fruits, ketchups.
For the home - trimmed tea towels, handknitted dishcloths, quilted wallhangings, small samplers, restored picture frames, pot pourri, lavender bags, covered coathangers, little scented bags for hanging on handles, framed photos of family,etc you've taken yourself, pincushion,needle book, scissor keeper, book of promises (eg babysitting, 1 hour's housework, the ironing, etc)
Bathtime - homemade soap, bath oils, bath salts, knitted washcloths, herbal bags for the bath, hand sewn toilet bags, trimmed hand towels, homemade lotions and potions packed in pretty jars and bottles.
For the garden - home saved seed in handmade decorated packets; homemade handcream, exfoliating soap, wheat bag for those digger's aches and pains!

Handmade books, personalised printed notepaper and envelopes.
Hamper of bits and bobs from the above lists, packed in a pretty lined basket.
INSTEAD: Have a Craft and homemade pizza Social  . Idea for pizzas; fruit, savory , veggie ,Etc
 Just some ideas . BE FRUGAL > HAVE FUN!



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